J.D. Thorpe

While this might not be Mr. Buckley’s most eloquent moment, it proves that there was a time in our history when conservatives fought back against these allegations on the grounds of their utter absurdity.

Like Buckley, today’s conservatives promote the basic tenants of a free society. Our views are in stark contrast to the massive, leviathan government sought by the Nazis and liberals.

In order to correct this inaccurate stereotype, we must address the problem at its core: the misguided way we’ve been taught to view political ideologies.

The ideological spectrum must be restructured. Instead of a line that runs from right to left, ideologies should be thought of as existing somewhere between the statist and anti-statist extremes. This would place Communism, Socialism, Nazism, and Liberalism on one side while conservatives would land on the opposite side with its other limited government cousins.

Based on this construct, conservatives will never be confused or maligned with Nazism again. And more importantly, liberals’ archaic way of thinking will be left in the past where all ignorant views belong.