Jay Sekulow

The Palestinian people, starting from childhood, are prepared for conflict and war - not peace. Their leaders do not temper fanaticism or deliver tough truths. Instead, for generations, they have celebrated terrorism and fanned the flames of hatred.

Unfortunately, the world community has implicitly, if not explicitly, encouraged this behavior by telegraphing to the Palestinians that anything less than statehood will be unacceptable. Perhaps if that fundamental issue were in doubt, the Palestinians would be less bold in insisting upon Israeli concessions - like a right of return for Palestinian refugees displaced over 60 years ago - that would amount to the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

Much of the world community looks at the Palestinians as noble victims simply because they are weaker than Israel. The U.S. has never taken that approach, but even American leaders have fallen into the trap of believing that creation of a Palestinian state is where negotiations should start.

It is time to go back to square one. If the Palestinians aspire to join the community of nations as well, it is time for them to start earning it.

This article, co-authored by Brett Joshpe, Of Counsel with the ACLJ and ECLJ, is crossposted at the NY Daily News.

Jay Sekulow

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