Jay Sekulow

And, as you know, we've been working to save the life of a Christian Pastor in Iran who was convicted of converting from Islam to Christianity and sentenced to death for his faith. As we have reported here, we have been pressuring members of Congress and the U.S. State Department to get involved. We're even backing legislation in Congress to put pressure on nations to respect religious liberty.

At the same time, we're seeing some encouraging signs in the move to protect religious expression and freedom. Not long ago, we told you that the United Nations Human Rights Committee adopted several recommendations by our European affiliate, the European Center for Law & Justice (ECLJ). The ECLJ recommended, and the Human Rights Committee accepted, that no right exists to protect the reputation of an ideology - rather human rights belong to individuals. The Committee also adopted the ECLJ’s recommendation to prohibit countries from relying on religious law to restrict religious expression.

This new report by the Pew Forum should serve as a wake-up call to the world - especially to those countries where religious harassment and persecution is worsening. It's no longer as easy for offending nations to suppress or hide these actions of hostility. With the internet and a growing social media, the word gets out - very quickly. And, now, there are more organizations like ours and others that are dedicated to protecting the universal rights of religious freedom and expression for Christians around the globe.

Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow is one of the foremost legal advocates in the area of constitutional law and religious liberties. As Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Jay Sekulow regularly appears before the United States Supreme Court, and is one of the most sought after advocates for religious liberty. Jay Sekulow is also a highly followed broadcaster and respected commentator.