Jason Mattera

Bill Clinton is the master manipulator—redefining terms, obscuring facts, and equivocating words. Alex Koppelman, at Salon.com, rides on the impeached President’s coattails with his piece The liberals are speaking, the liberals are speaking, though he’s a slim shadow of Bill.

Last week, Koppelman fired off a lame attempt to discredit Young America’s Foundation and our classification of liberal and conservative speakers in a study which revealed that the overwhelming majority of 2007 commencement speakers at our nation’s top colleges and universities are leftist activists, members of the old, liberal media, and Democrat Party officials.

Koppelman’s clinton-esque mincing becomes clear when he states that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg should’ve been tallied as a conservative because he’s a Republican. Let’s remember that Bloomberg endorses abortion, homosexual marriage, gun control, racial preferences, and raised property taxes as mayor. Apparently Koppelman can’t distinguish between a genuine conservative and an elected official who bears the moniker of Republican (In Name Only) but who is really a liberal.

Young America’s Foundation thought it safe to assume that if a person sanctions abortion on demand, or gun control, or tax hikes, or racial preferences, or donates money to the Democratic National Committee, or publicly praises Hillary Clinton, then maybe, just maybe, that person is a liberal. And if that person gives the keynote address at a college graduation, it’s probably safe to conclude that the invited guest speaker is a liberal.

Yet our list, according to Koppelman, is "laughably skewed" because we overcounted liberals and undercounted conservatives. The liberals we supposedly embellished? Bill Gates for starters. Where did we ever get the idea that Gates was a leftist? Oh, that’s right—none other than the site that Koppleman writes for, Salon.com, which referred to the billionaire as a “bleeding heart do-gooder liberal” because he financed gun control and tax hike initiatives and actively supports “reproductive health and family planning” organizations. But to Koppelman, Gates just engaged in “some liberal misdeed,” which somehow disqualifies him from being labeled a liberal in our survey.

Jason Mattera

Jason Mattera is the author of the New York Times bestseller Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama's Biggest Backers (Simon & Schuster, March 2012).