Janice Shaw Crouse

Posted May 09, 2010

Mother’s Day is often associated with the Biblical verse that is called the “first commandment with a promise.” The Fifth Commandment requires Christians to honor their father and mother “so that you may live long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” [Exodus 20:12]. Florists tell us that more flowers are sent on Mother’s Day than at any time during the year. Most people love their mother, even those whose mother is undeserving of that love. And, most mothers love their children, though there are plenty of instances where mothers are hurtful and even abusive.

Posted May 07, 2010

There is an “emerging consensus” that we are headed for a Value-Added Tax (VAT) in the United States. But the more optimistic among the experts and pundits believe it won’t come until after the 2012 election and then only if President Obama is reelected.

Posted April 29, 2010

Americans are learning that ObamaCare will pile on insurmountable debt and cause government to encroach on every area of our lives. ObamaCare is, as Yuval Levin said, an “unmitigated disaster –– for our health care system, for our fiscal future, and for any notion of limited government.”

Posted April 23, 2010

There’s a quiet revolution happening on the nation’s school and college campuses. While the students still live in a sex-saturated culture, and while researchers claim that at least 75 percent of college students are part of the “hook-up” generation, more and more students are opting out of the sex scene.

Posted April 15, 2010

According to Ronald Reagan, the American taxpayer is someone who works for the federal government without having to pass the civil service examination. That is truer today than in Reagan’s day.

Posted April 01, 2010

At a recent press conference at the National Press Club, scholars from Princeton’s Witherspoon Institute sounded an alarm telling the nation that pornography is more prevalent and more harmful than most people realize.

Posted March 29, 2010

ost of the arguments supporting the health care reform bill just passed by the Democrats in Congress were myths.

Posted March 20, 2010

What we’re seeing in Washington, D.C. is not “politics as usual” with the arm twisting and “horse trading” that is typical in getting a bill passed; instead, it is ideological warfare.

Posted March 09, 2010

Those who oppose same-sex “marriage” are called by derogatory labels: bigot, narrow-minded, hate-filled among the nicest. Such name-calling obscures the very real problems associated with watering down and denigrating traditional marriage.

Posted March 03, 2010

Concerned Women for America (CWA) had an historic opportunity recently to debate the proposition, “This House would decriminalize prostitution” at the world-renowned Oxford Union Debates.

Posted February 13, 2010

Currently, the Georgia state legislature is considering a bill (S.B. 304) that would decriminalize the prostitution of children. Those supporting the bill are very well-meaning and want to protect children.

Posted February 08, 2010

President Obama’s 2011 federal budget, a nearly $4 TRILLION monstrosity, includes an increase of $117 million for domestic violence programs –– a 22 percent increase.

Posted February 07, 2010

A simple truth has been proven through countless relationships through decades and decades: Promiscuous sex impairs the ability to bond.

Posted January 29, 2010

It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to realize that youths are spending more time with media than in any other of their daily activities. Only three in ten of these youngsters have rules regarding their use of media.

Posted January 28, 2010

The President promised the moon, but said nothing for which he could be held accountable. He did a brilliant job of giving the impression that he was addressing issues, but in case after case one could only wonder about the particulars.

Posted January 22, 2010

Everybody is talking about what Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts means for 2010 and 2012. Will the recent spectacular and surprising GOP victories be short-lived phenomena or a major revolution?

Posted January 13, 2010

Over the New Year’s holiday, we had a movie marathon, watching three movies back-to-back on the new Blu-ray player that we gave ourselves for Christmas.

Posted January 05, 2010

Peggy Noonan’s recent Wall Street Journal article about President Obama, quoting various people who have associated firsthand with him, reminds me of another strong, charismatic personality.

Posted December 20, 2009

Every time I write about marriage, I hear from readers who lament their sexless marriages.

Posted December 14, 2009

These fundamental principles of the faith — that are central to the Judeo-Christian tradition — are mainstream values with a proven and glorious history