Janice Shaw Crouse

Remember the major selling point for ObamaCare? It was supposed to provide insurance for those who don’t currently have insurance. However, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) shot down that deception; CBO’s estimate was that when fully implemented, the proposed plan — counting both the number who would gain insurance less the number who would lose coverage through their employer — would only increase the number of insured by about 16 million (only about 35 percent of the 46 million uninsured in 2009) at a cost of an additional $1 trillion in the deficit over the 2010-2019 period.

Now is the time for dissenting, well-informed voices to be heard. If the current ideas become law, it will irrevocably change our health care system as we know it. It will lead to higher costs, rationing of health care, the funding of elective abortions, and will drive pro-life doctors out of the profession. Was this the change that people voted for in 2008?

People from around the world come to the United States for the best health care, and that top-quality health care, now available to the vast majority of Americans, is endangered. It is reprehensible that politicians are working behind closed doors to devise schemes to push ObamaCare through quickly without public approval. They are willing to totally ignore the millions of Americans who are concerned that it will trample our beliefs and values.

Congress needs to hear our voices; we must speak out now. With public disapproval getting more open, and the outcry against ObamaCare spreading so rapidly, Congress is getting pretty desperate; and the backroom tactics are getting more bare-knuckled.

The Christian Medical Association (CMA, www.cmda.org) revealed this week that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) reportedly offered money to physicians who would drop their opposition to ObamaCare. He reportedly promised national medical groups that the Senate would stop medical cuts to doctor payments for 10 years in return for physicians’ support for ObamaCare.

Remember presidential candidate Barack Obama’s talk about “affordable” health care coverage? More and more people are learning the reality about the hefty price tag of Obama’s health care bill. A report from Price Waterhouse Coopers confirms that health care reform measures will be prohibitively expensive — more than twice the expected growth in the Consumer Price Index, with the increased cost of health insurance premiums being borne by individuals and families.

But the most egregious and morally reprehensible aspect of the health care debate thus far — with the possible exception of the withholding of treatment of the elderly and disabled — is the deception about whether the reforms include taxpayer funding for abortions. The radical left repeatedly assures the public that they won’t have to involuntarily fund abortions.

How stupid do they think we are?

In spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary, all the health care reform bills currently before Congress mandate abortion funding and coverage. All of the pro-life amendments that came before various committees were rejected along party lines. In short, without explicit wording prohibiting abortion funding and coverage, health care reform will involve all American taxpayers in explicit financial support for abortion-on-demand.

Further, any health care reform provisions must provide protection for the rights of conscience for health care workers and medical providers. Those whose faith or consciences prevent them from performing abortions must have the ability to object and refrain from participating in actions that are contrary to their beliefs.

Now is the time to speak out — often and loudly; otherwise, the ObamaCare that we will be forced to swallow will be as foul and ineffective as the snake oil sold in the travelling carnivals.

Janice Shaw Crouse

Janice Shaw Crouse is a former speechwriter for George H. W. Bush and now political commentator for the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.
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