Janice Shaw Crouse

Instead of being upset about the tasteless and crude feature article, AOL removed Christopher’s critique from their website. AOL claims that Christopher was one of several writers “downsized” and that his liberal use of “profane” language is the real reason his article was removed from the internet. Christopher claims that Politics Daily had never previously deleted any story in the history of the site and that he was fired within five minutes of hearing a proposal for a new story about the Playboy article. Media Lizzy, who runs a poll question on the website, was denied permission to run a poll question about the Playboy article.

After being overwhelmed by public protests, Playboy finally removed the offensive article, too.

The end result? There is more hot debate going on about whether Christopher was fired for exposing the crude feature than about Cimbalo’s list of “hot” Conservative women. Several blog sites have cached versions of the original feature complete with the videos and the crude, sick, demeaning and insulting remarks.

Let’s imagine that some relatively unknown Conservative blogger published a list of liberal women on a conservative blog like Townhall.com, using crude and vulgar language to denigrate Progressive women in the vilest of sexual innuendo? Can anyone deny the outrage that would ensue? Can anyone deny the charges of “hate speech” that would fill the internet?

This latest incident is just another in a long line of insulting articles filled with “hate speech” about Conservatives that Liberals routinely churn out, while screaming about the supposed prevalence of incendiary right-wing language. The reality is that those who talk the loudest about women’s rights and equality are frequently the ones who heap abuse on women and deny their equality in the workplace and respect in the public square.

Apparently the old sexism is still around; it is just dressed up in new types of put-downs. The men who aren’t man enough to take on the women of NOW are perfectly willing to denigrate Conservatives like the ladies from CWA.

Janice Shaw Crouse

Janice Shaw Crouse is a former speechwriter for George H. W. Bush and now political commentator for the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.
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