Janice Shaw Crouse

In a time when more and more couples are living together without marriage, the honeymoon would seem to be a throwback to an antiquated time when couples actually needed time away and alone to consummate their union after the wedding ceremony. Yet, even cohabiting couples today want a honeymoon –– a time of R&R or an exciting trip after the exhausting process of planning a wedding formalizing their relationship.

Whatever the specific circumstances, the honeymoon is often an afterthought in the wedding plans with a priority much lower than the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses and the design of the wedding cake. In his new book, my friend, Dr. Walt Larimore (along with his coauthor, Dr. Susan A. Crockett), presents a strong case for carefully planning the honeymoon so that it fulfills the couple’s dreams and prepares them for a harmonious and happy life together.

Larimore explained what motivated him to write the book, “Marriage and the honeymoon are the foundation for the first and most important of all divinely prescribed institutions: the family.” The book’s frank, practical and biblical honeymoon advice is relevant with essential information for virgin couples; it is especially vital for those who have already had sexual experiences (either together, in a previous relationship or unwillingly through abuse). The integration of the spiritual dimension of intimacy makes the book especially critical for a life-long relationship. In short, the book is packed full of meaningful, useful information for planning a honeymoon that will be the foundation of a life-long marriage.

Larimore and Crockett, who have 35 collective years of practicing medicine between them, point out that most couples have no idea how important the honeymoon is to the health of their marriage and how many times they as a couple will reminisce about that special time together. The honeymoon, they point out, is not just another vacation; it is “like a foot race, the start will dramatically determine the finish.”

The authors point out information that is verified in numerous studies and research –– sex is better in marriage and sex is better with religious or spiritual couples. According to the famous University of Chicago sex survey, married couples have sex far more frequently than single or cohabiting adults. Further, the same authoritative study reported that the more religious the couple, the more frequent and satisfying their sex life.

Larimore and Crockett also point out that the brain is the most important sex organ, so couples ought to use that brain in their choice of marriage partner. Some of their specific insights involve:

Janice Shaw Crouse

Janice Shaw Crouse is a former speechwriter for George H. W. Bush and now political commentator for the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.
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