Janice Shaw Crouse

Let’s briefly review two contradictory United Nations (U.N.) talking points. (1) Abortion is a matter of “women’s rights;” (2) Killing a “girl child” in the womb is “the most extreme form of violence against women.” To hold both of these beliefs at the same time means to live with constant cognitive dissonance.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the U.N. is on the horns of a dilemma; that is, the two alternatives are mutually exclusive. Holding one point of view means that you cannot believe the other proposition. How can the U.N. embrace the position that abortion is morally unobjectionable while condemning abortion for sex selection? Having the abortion option, they claim, is regrettable, but necessary. Sex selection abortion, however, is a morally reprehensible crime against the “girl child.” Only in the U.N. universe would people think that this makes sense.

In spite of the logical inconsistency, the U.N. condemns “pre-natal sex selection;” branding it as a violation of human rights. UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) supports a resolution banning sex selection abortions. One of UNIFEM’s publications on eliminating violence against women begins with an acknowledgment that the abortion of females is violence against women and girls. “The range of violence against women and girls is devastating, occurring quite literally from womb to tomb. It includes: abortion of female babies . . .” In another U.N. document, the abortion of girls is identified as “violence.” “Some females,” it states, “fall prey to violence before they are born.”

Amazingly, the U.N. admits the humanity of unborn girls: “At least 60 million girls who would otherwise be expected to be alive are ‘missing’ from various populations as a result of sex-selective abortions or neglect.” The concept of “missing” girls is prevalent throughout the U.N. headquarters on posters and in brochures and books rightly lamenting the girls who have been aborted.

Janice Shaw Crouse

Janice Shaw Crouse is a former speechwriter for George H. W. Bush and now political commentator for the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.
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