Janet M. LaRue

Posted March 11, 2008

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has joined the rogue’s gallery of adulterous politicians who appear before the press to confess their “failures” while using their wives as supportive props.

Posted February 11, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama is highly intelligent, likeable, articulate (no racism intended), dynamic, well-educated and witty. He is receiving virtually worshipful coverage from the news media.

Posted February 05, 2008

Journalists give their favorite candidates a pass when they play race, religion or gender cards, but jump on the rest.

Posted January 14, 2008

Most of us won’t allow a hairstylist to “change” our do without an in-depth explanation. But a lot of us are buying into undefined promises of “change” from presidential contenders.

Posted January 09, 2008

The state’s largest newspaper, and the oldest in the nation, The Hartford Courant, hasn’t covered the case on its news pages since it was argued last May. But that doesn’t mean the paper has kept its bias in the closet.

Posted November 15, 2007

The press took umbrage at a court’s “broad” interpretation of the Constitution, which recognized an individual right to keep and bear arms and shot down D.C.’s gun ban as unconstitutional.

Posted October 30, 2007

A number of world-class “atheists” have authored books purporting to explain to us knuckle-dragging “Christian lemmings” why God’s a myth in league with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Posted June 08, 2007

Until Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer attends to Paris Hilton’s obsessive compulsive media attention disorder, or until her publicist appears at a press conference to explain her “medical condition,” we can only guess at the affliction that served to spring Paris’s privileged posterior from the Los Angeles County jail.

Posted February 16, 2007

Congressional cowards ply our troops with insulting platitudes, while undermining their congressionally-mandated mission.

Posted February 12, 2007

President George W. Bush released his 2008 budget on Monday, cashing in at $2.9 trillion dollars. It includes $481 billion for defense costs, plus another $142 billion to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Posted February 01, 2007

"Amber Alert." Hear it and your heart sinks. You say a prayer because somebody’s child is at risk in a world with way too many bad guys. Somebody said, "God created parents because He couldn’t be everywhere." Silly sentiments sell greeting cards but it’s no basis for systematic theology or a guide to good parenting.

Posted January 23, 2007

"There's Emerald City! Oh, we're almost there at last! At last! It's beautiful, isn't it? Just like I knew it would be! He really must be a wonderful wizard to live in a city like that!" But as all who've seen The Wizard of Oz know, Dorothy's initial opinion was wrong.

Posted January 17, 2007

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California) says there was a point to her pointless jab at U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as she testified last Thursday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Boxer used the committee “ring” to tell Rice that she won’t “pay the immediate price” for increasing military troops in Iraq because of her reproductive failure.

Posted January 08, 2007

I’m guessing that homosexual activists are applauding Wednesday’s ruling by a Canadian appeals court that a five-year-old boy has a legal right to two mommies and a daddy.

Posted December 22, 2006

In 1972 the National Coalition of Gay Organizations demanded the “repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers.”

Posted November 28, 2006

Yes, Virginia, there is a Jesus! "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" It's His birthday, and it's okay to say it.

Posted October 18, 2006

Using Jesus to oppose marriage amendments is divorced from Biblical Christology.