Janet M. LaRue

But the wife is there because the wimp’s personal ambitions and desire for public rehabilitation apparently outweigh his desire for marital reconciliation. He doesn’t get it—the public ride is over, or should be. He isn’t going to be president.

Public officials who hire a hooker haven’t merely committed a “private” failure. These are people who swear an oath to uphold the law but have violated the public trust. Consorting with criminals opens the door to extortion and bribery.

And to any wife who appears as a prop beside her meandering man because she values status, power, and a lucrative lifestyle more than her self-respect, you might want to reflect on the message you’re sending your children. If he’s guilty, let him stand alone for awhile until he gets it. They call it tough love. After all, he didn’t want you by his side on the night in question, someone else was.

Maybe fallen politicians would cease exploiting family members at these mea culpa press conferences if some reporter stood up and asked, “I’d like to know how you’re going to regain your wife’s trust when you’ve subjected her to public humiliation by bringing her here today.”


Janet M. LaRue

Jan LaRue is Senior Legal Analyst with the American Civil Rights Union; former Chief Counsel at Concerned for Women; Legal Studies Director at Family Research Council; and Senior Counsel for the National Law Center for Children and Families. Be the first to read Janet LaRue's column. Sign up today and receive Townhall.com delivered each morning to your inbox.