James E. Shane

Invective has replaced fact as the currency of modern politics. As a result, public policy is influenced more by headlines than by data. This trend is best exemplified by the debate currently going on in Washington over the way the Federal government should treat career colleges and universities. Our nation is facing significant economic challenges which mandate strong leadership and change to existing business practices in government. However, these changes must contribute to positive outcomes which will contribute to the needs of all American's who depend on government policies, regulations, and entitlements for a better life.

Educational opportunity has and will continue to be the pathway and right of passage for many Americans to seek a higher standard of living. Our nation's educational system is the best in the world and career college and universities are an integral part of our system – for example, in 2008-2009 career colleges and universities represented over 42% (2,804) of the Title IV eligible post secondary institutions (6,667) in the United States. Their contribution has been significant because they have the ability to quickly respond and provide for the educational and training needs of a changing workforce required to respond to the needs of a global economy.

After 28 years of service in the Army and over eleven years working for three different Governors as the Executive Director, Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs, I recently accepted a position as the Director, Military & Veteran Affairs (Sullivan University) - a "for profit" university which has had experience working with the Army providing educational training to our military and veterans for over 30 years. My mission was clear from the University Executive Leadership – “develop programs and relationships that would best serve the educational and training needs of our military, veterans, and family members and ensure that our programs serve their unique needs (i.e. mentoring, counseling, career/educational tracking and placement once their education is completed).

James E. Shane

James E. Shane is a retired Brigadier General in the U.S. Army and Director of Military & Veteran Affairs at Sullivan University System.