James Allen

Christianity believes that the only way to God is through His Son Jesus Christ. That is what Christianity teaches, and you can wrap it up anyway you want, but this is the truth of the Christian faith. If the Pope meant that the power of Christ has allowed common grace – not redemptive grace – to mankind, and this common grace should lead to good deeds and peace toward men; then why not just say that. The reason is that the truth of the Christian gospel is not a well-accepted public message and would be found offensive. Whether you agree or disagree with Christianity, it would have been a disaster for the Pope to say that the redemptive grace of Christ does not give salvation to everyone and that belief in Christ is necessary. This would have been the Christian message, but it would have also been an offensive concept to our politically correct culture. Maybe the Pope does have direct connection with God, and God told him that the human race can no longer deal with the truth and so it must be dealt with like a dose of antibiotics; a little bit at a time.

Another news story where politically motivated commentary has blurred the ability to honestly speak about a situation happened this week in Arizona. A federal judge this Friday found Sheriff Joe Arpaio guilty of violating the constitutional rights of Latino's using race as a factor for law enforcement during illegal immigration sweeps. The evidence clearly shows that the immigration sweeps occurred. The Latino drivers who were pulled over were detained longer than non-Latino drivers, but the Maricopa County Sheriffs office states that they do not use race as a factor to determine a person’s legal status in the US. This is very puzzling and just seems to be another case where telling the truth is either inconvenient or something people just cannot hear.

How is it possible in the state of Arizona to do an illegal immigration crime sweep and not target Hispanic drivers after they are pulled over? Is it such a shock to our sensibilities that this would occur? Is it prudent to hold every driver to check his or her legal status? The entire situation is problematic because racial profiling was used in these illegal immigration sweeps. It may be morally wrong, but how do we stop people from noticing obvious facts about a person’s race in a state that boarders Mexico? So instead of shocking the sensibilities of the public, and America's toughest Sheriff just telling it how it is, we have another example where the truth cannot be spoken.

Sheriff Arpaio admitted he received calls from concerned citizens regarding people who may have looked like they were in the US illegally and then sent thank you cards personally to these concerned citizens after following up on the tips. Whether you believe that illegal immigration should be enforced by the state or the federal government, or a combination of both, is another issue. Stating the truth, and then speaking honestly, would have been worse in this because political correctness has muted us to obvious facts. It is illegal to base criminal activity on race alone, but it is not illegal to check the immigration status after a crime has been committed.

There are numerous examples in the news and in our daily lives where the truth is really not a priority. We are more concerned as a culture with perception and image than facing hard facts because we feel that they may offend someone. We apply this to our relationships, business, education, poverty, terrorism, religion and much more. It is understandable why we do not speak the truth boldly because we naturally do not want to alienate people. All the same, this problem will just worsen, and we should not be surprised as honesty and truth are changing ideas as the years pass.

James Allen

James Allen is host of the James Allen Show, a political newstalk show that airs on KKNT and AM 970 The Apple.