James Allen

Climate change and how it will effect improvised nations food, clean water supplies and lead to political and economic upheaval is not just the fictional work of Al Gore. Preparation for the effects of climate change, which cause climate stress, is a broad assumption within academic journals and within the scientific community that is applied as a factor to face the ongoing problems of poverty, lack of food and water, as well as political and economic stability.

House Resolution 36 seeks to insure gender equality in the process of preparing communities within the U.S. for the impacts of climate change. The reason for the inclusion of women into this process as the resolution states is due to the amount of responsibility as well as the multiplier effect that women have on families and communities. Which is another way to say that women are and always have been the foundation of society when they are not selling themselves for sex.

In reducing “climate stress” on women, I also hope that this bill will allow for a path towards clean and sustainable development, which is the real politicized purpose of this resolution in now connecting climate change to prostitution.

James Allen

James Allen is host of the James Allen Show, a political newstalk show that airs on KKNT and AM 970 The Apple.