Jack Kerwick

Nor is it fair that some people are endowed with more physical strength and musculature than others. So as to “close the gap” between the fit and the unfit, the strong and the weak, he should implore government to, among other things, require all remotely able-bodied Americans to sign up with a government-approved gym at which they will be required to exercise for, say, at least an hour at a time three days a week. As for those Americans who already exercise regularly, they will be permitted to continue doing so—unless they already satisfy the government’s standard for “fit and strong.” These Americans will be “asked” of their government to “invest” their time more in other activities and less in the gym while the unfit and weak seek to become the fit and strong.

A consistent egalitarian, given his disdain toward “racism,” will insist that the government integrate what were, or what would’ve otherwise been, racially “segregated” families and homes. Many inequalities—and certainly those with which contemporary egalitarians, like Obama, are mostly concerned—are racial in character. Well, if racial segregation in “public accommodations” was a great evil because it gave rise to gross racial inequalities that persist to the present day, then racial “segregation” in families must be at least as great of an evil, for it too is racially discriminatory. In fact, who can seriously doubt that a person’s family promises to exert a far greater influence over the formation of his character than does, say, a stranger who refused to allow him to eat with other strangers of another race in a restaurant nearly a half-of-a-century ago?

A truly devoted egalitarian wouldn’t rest until mono-racial families were desegregated, their members “redistributed” to other families and homes. At the same time, those who aspire to marry and procreate intra-racially would be prevented from doing so via reverse miscegenation laws.

Of course, neither Obama nor any other left-wing egalitarian would openly countenance any of these measures. But here’s the point: given their ideology, they have absolutely no grounds for not endorsing them, and every ground for doing so.

The dream of the egalitarian is a world that can only be characterized as the liberty-lover’s worst nightmare.

Jack Kerwick

Jack Kerwick received his doctoral degree in philosophy from Temple University. His area of specialization is ethics and political philosophy. He is a professor of philosophy at several colleges and universities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Jack blogs at Beliefnet.com: At the Intersection of Faith & Culture. Contact him at jackk610@verizon.net or friend him on facebook. You can also follow him on twitter.