Jack Kemp

Posted July 10, 2006

The Party of Lincoln should not allow itself to be captured by regressive forces.

Posted June 26, 2006

One year ago the Supreme Court decided the Kelo case, upholding a controversial use of eminent domain. Kelo has precipitated a widespread and healthy debate across the country about when and how this important but intrusive government power should be used.

Posted June 19, 2006

Watching our USA soccer team tie the Italian team last week and on Sunday watching the athleticism of the Brazilian team, I’m hereby publicly acknowledge that soccer can be interesting to watch.

Posted June 12, 2006

On Sept. 11, 2001, America entered a new world war. Our nation had been violated by the barbarism of a new dark age. The Free World had been shaken to its core.

Posted May 22, 2006

The D.C. Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act (H.R. 5388), introduced by Rep Tom Davis, R-Va., and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., would add two voting members to the U.S. House of Representatives - one to represent Washington, D.C., and one to represent Utah.

Posted May 01, 2006

There's an old saying that it is better to be thought ignorant than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. This has never been more evident than in the debate over oil companies, gasoline prices, oil profits and windfall profits taxes.

Posted April 24, 2006

Having traveled to Israel recently and many times over the past 35 years or so, I take profound exception to the accusations leveled at Israel by my old friend and syndicated columnist Robert Novak.

Posted April 17, 2006

Posted April 10, 2006

As I've often said before, the only thing one learns from history is that no one ever learns from history.

Posted April 03, 2006

We must pass an immigration reform package that not only works, but is reasonable, respected and responsible.

Posted March 20, 2006

Americans may be surprised, in contrast to conventional wisdom, to learn of the comparative peacefulness of Afghan cities when compared to other big cities around the world.

Posted March 13, 2006

Two good things emerged out of the Dubai Port World fiasco, but only after more than two weeks of posturing, pontification and politicizing of an otherwise legitimate commercial licensing deal for the logistical operations of six U.S. ports.

Posted March 06, 2006

It was an absolute thrill to see American businessmen and women, some Jewish and some Christian, become totally immersed in Israel's culture, its economy and, of course, its political and foreign policy.

Posted February 27, 2006

To turn down this contract would further weaken our relationships with moderate Arab allies and I believe ultimately, it would weaken our own national security and our chances for peace and liberalization throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Posted February 20, 2006

It may be too early to tell but it could be we have seen a leveling off of the gold price and maybe even a downward break away from its recent high. If so, we are at a turning point for monetary policy at just the moment a new chairman, Ben Bernanke, takes over at the Federal Reserve Board.

Posted February 13, 2006

Vice President Dick Cheney is energetically carrying the supply-side banner forward by insisting the bureaucrats perform "dynamic analysis" to properly estimate the effects of changing federal tax policy.

Posted February 06, 2006

In this Black History Month of February and just days after the passing of a great American woman, Coretta Scott King, I think it important to remember her husband's words about "greatness." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great who serves others."

Posted January 30, 2006

Since the surprising victory by Hamas in the Palestinian parliamentary elections, there has been a significant measure of schadenfreude on the part of the media and Bush administration critics. 

Posted January 24, 2006

"What fate for Social Security reform?" That was the question Sean Tuffnell asked in a recent insightful opinion column for the Washington Times.

Posted January 16, 2006

I hope Shadegg follows up and offers a platform of ideas and that his rivals for the position, fine candidates all, follow his lead and do the same. Here are some suggestions for all the candidates to consider.