Jack Kemp

Posted May 08, 2007

As a conservative, Reagan would be cautious, prudent and truly wise in seeking peace, but only through strength on all fronts, i.e. economic, diplomatic and military.

Posted May 01, 2007

As the Republican candidates all gather at the Reagan Library for their first debate of the presidential campaign, what follows is my advice on "what would Ronald Reagan do?"

Posted April 24, 2007

Former Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, one of the most admired women in the world, passed away in December at the age of 80, leaving a huge vacuum in our hearts and minds. Her posthumously published book, "Making War to Keep Peace" (Harper Collins, $26.95), released April 24, brings her ideas to life.

Posted April 17, 2007

I had a chill as I sensed the history of that church, the pew in which Lincoln worshipped and the opportunity to listen to a conversation about Lincoln by the dean of American historians, Franklin, and the dean of Howard University School of Law, Kurt Schmoke, both of whom are African-American.

Posted April 10, 2007

The Maryland Legislature recently passed a law restoring the right to vote to all ex-offenders who have fully completed their sentences and finished parole and probation, with the exception of people convicted of election fraud.

Posted April 03, 2007

Ann Redington, a juror in the I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby trial has weighed in for a pardon for Libby.

Posted March 26, 2007

A common expression has it that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Unfortunately, that's exactly the message the GOP is sending to the residents of our nation's capital by its recent actions in trying to defeat the bipartisan DC Voting Rights Act on a procedural motion.

Posted March 20, 2007

How's this for irony: Headlines recently proclaimed that the White House was opposed to giving the vote to the more than 600,000 residents of our nation's capital, who, incidentally, are paying federal income taxes to send members of their families to Iraq and Afghanistan so as to guarantee the right to vote for the residents of those nations' capitals.

Posted March 13, 2007

As a student and strong supporter of the Truman model for war-ravaged Western Europe and Japan, post World War II, as encompassed in the Marshall Plan, I believe it could be a powerful tool of soft diplomacy in this messy insurgency.

Posted January 29, 2007

They got here on the merits of talent, leadership and character, not the color of their skin, but still, it's huge in terms of what Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith have overcome to get where they are.

Posted January 22, 2007

Attempts to pass nonbinding resolutions as so-called messages to the president will end up sending a clear message to the insurgents in Iraq, Iranian radicals and al-Qaida

Posted January 08, 2007

The president is right to go for this last effort and avoid the catastrophic defeat that would set off forces in the Middle East from which only Iran and al-Qaida could benefit.

Posted January 04, 2007

Having gone to Congress in 1971, I had the high honor and pleasure of serving with Jerry Ford for the 2 1/2 years he was House minority leader before he became vice president in 1973 and president in 1974, but we were friends for life.

Posted December 19, 2006

One of this nation's premier journalists (also a friend of long standing) wrote a column last week that can only be labeled as "Bush bashing" writ large. E.J. Dionne Jr. writing in the Washington Post and Investor's Business Daily, wrote the following: "winning the war in Iraq was never the Bush administration's highest priority, saving its tax cuts was more important."

Posted December 11, 2006

Indeed Monday of this week was a memorial service at our Presbyterian church in which I was privileged to give a eulogy.

Posted September 11, 2006

Sept. 9 was National 401(k) Day. The name really makes a lot of sense because it has the potential to improve the savings rates of America's working men and women, but it will require a national effort and a new partnership among public and private entities and our work force in America.

Posted August 28, 2006

For all these reasons and more, I look forward to helping re-elect Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Posted August 08, 2006

Twenty-five years ago, on Aug. 13, 1981, President Reagan signed what was called the largest tax cut in U.S. history.

Posted July 31, 2006

What do the United States and China have most in common these days? An increasingly pressing need to grow our respective economies faster.

Posted July 17, 2006

My warning now is this: Failure to address the legitimate issue of immigration reform could also do great harm to the Republican Party.