Jack Kemp

What a sad spectacle these last few days, as Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and John Kerry, D-Mass., and even former Vice President Al Gore have been falling all over themselves in condemning their old friend Joe Lieberman as he dares to run as an independent for the U.S. Senate from Connecticut.

Their criticism of Lieberman and their endorsement of Ned Lamont is for one purpose only, and that is to take the side of the anti-war, "get out now" crowd that is in control of the Howard Dean wing of the once-great Democratic Party. It's sad to see the party of Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson rushing to the left so fast on foreign policy that it makes your head swim.

Remember in 1961 when JFK called on our nation to "pay any price, bear any burden, support our friends and oppose any foe in the defense of freedom"? Today, the Lamont-Dean Democratic Party will pay no price, will not bear a burden, nor will it support the defense of freedom in the new fledging, flawed and fragile experiments in democracy of Iraq and Afghanistan. The immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq will have dire consequences for freedom throughout the Middle East and would be a disaster for Afghanistan in central Asia.

It's particularly hypocritical for Clinton and Kerry, as they both supported the entry of U.S. troops into Iraq. For them to drop political poison on their former vice-presidential candidate is pathetic and sad.

It's true that I'm a Republican and that I'm working to elect Republicans so as to maintain majority control of the House and Senate. I've been to Pennsylvania, Montana, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and Ohio so far this season, and I am national chairman of the Michael Steele for U.S. Senate campaign.

Steele has an outstanding opportunity to represent the state of Maryland and is the only African-American Republican candidate for Senate in the whole nation. Despite my partisan credentials, I'm announcing my intentions to go to Connecticut in September to work for and raise funds for Lieberman. He is running as an independent, but he has announced he'll join the Democratic caucus. When Joe called, I jokingly told him I'd be happy to come to Connecticut and speak for him or against him, whichever would do the most good. I'll be making joint appearances in Connecticut with him and his wife, Hadassah, in the very near future.

Jack Kemp

Jack Kemp is Founder and Chairman of Kemp Partners and a contributing columnist to Townhall.com.
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