Jack Kemp

The end of summer signifies back to school and the football season kickoff for many American children. In recognition of the more than 12 million children who participate in the great sport of football, USA Football, the NFL and the NFL Players Association salute these young players with the inauguration of Play Football Week. Now is a good time to reflect on the positive role athletics play in academic achievement and lifetime success.

As legendary football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant always told his players, "You must prepare for your future, and that key is education."

Education is liberating. It frees the mind and the soul. It opens up new opportunities. Education reveals worlds within worlds, showing us unique cultures, different values and new ways of understanding. It is the source of intellectual growth, personality development and socialization into the community. When a child masters reading, writing and math skills, the foundation has been set for any vocation, for economic security and for opportunities throughout life.
Regardless of how a profession may change, an educated person is always prepared.

As a nation, we must ensure that all children are given an opportunity to succeed and that no child is ignored or left behind. Two years ago, our nation's leaders came together to enact the historic No Child Left Behind legislation. We are working to make education more effective and ensure that students receive the quality education they deserve.

A quality education is about reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as building character - helping to craft a person who cares about hard work, honesty, integrity, compassion, tolerance and justice. Extending the classroom beyond the school walls by blending academics and athletics instills these values. For example, those who participate in football have the opportunity to learn a great deal about themselves, about life and about getting along with people of other races, religions and cultures.

Participating in team sports can provide the support needed to excel academically and secure future success. The sport of football is particularly powerful in that it challenges players both physically and mentally. Training on the football field helps young people learn the importance of setting long- and short-term goals. On the field they prepare not just for the next play but for the many opportunities ahead of them in life. Our experiences on the football field combined with a desire to develop our minds through education helped us achieve certain degrees of success in our own professional careers.

Jack Kemp

Jack Kemp is Founder and Chairman of Kemp Partners and a contributing columnist to Townhall.com.
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