Jackie Gingrich Cushman

When asked about whether he would send troops into Syria, Romney responded: "I don't think there is a necessity to put our military in Syria at this stage. I don't anticipate that in the future."

Romney pivoted later in the debate from foreign policy to domestic policy -- an area where he is stronger than Obama. "For us to be able to promote those principles of peace requires us to be strong," he said. "And that begins with a strong economy here at home. Unfortunately, the economy is not stronger."

When Obama denied he had made an "apology tour," Romney ceded no ground. "Mr. President, the reason I call it an apology tour is because you went to the Middle East and you flew to Egypt and to Saudi Arabia and to Turkey and Iraq. And by the way, you skipped Israel, our closest friend in the region, but you went to the other nations ... you said that America had been dismissive and derisive. You said that, on occasion, America had dictated to other nations. Mr. President, America has not dictated to other nations. We have freed other nations from dictators."

As he closed, Obama argued that a Romney presidency would be a throwback to prior, unsuccessful presidencies.

Romney, in contrast, offered a clear, positive vision of the future under his leadership, not only on foreign policy, but also on domestic policy.

"America's going to come back," Romney concluded, "and for that to happen, we're going to have to have a president who can work across the aisle. I was in a state where my legislature was 87 percent Democrat. I learned how to get along on the other side of the aisle. We've got to do that in Washington. Washington is broken. I know what it takes to get this country back, and will work with good Democrats and good Republicans to do that."

Romney delivered what he had to in the last debate; Obama delivered too much bluster, much too late.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Jackie Gingrich Cushman is a speaker, syndicated columnist, socialpreneur, and author of "The Essential American: 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own," and co-author of “The 5 Principles for a Successful Life: From Our Family to Yours”.