Ira Mehlman

S.744 also provides lavishly for “community, faith-based or other immigrant-serving” organizations to conduct public information campaigns to promote amnesty, and to assist applicants through the process. The bill authorizes that the Secretary of Homeland Security “may use up to $50,000,000” from the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Trust Fund to finance what amounts to a get-out-the-amnesty drive. The Trust Fund, which would be created by S.744, authorizes the transfer of $6.5 billion from “from the general fund of the Treasury.”

These same “eligible public or private, non-profit organizations” would also be permitted to dip into the Trust Fund to “provide direct assistance” to aliens who are applying for amnesty and “any other assistance that the Secretary or grantee considers useful to aliens who are interested in applying for registered provisional immigrant status.”

Thus, the illegal alien advocacy network not only gets just about everything they wanted politically out of the bill, but potentially hundreds of millions of dollars from the Treasury to make sure that the amnesty is carried out to their satisfaction.

S.744 is not just a bill that rewards illegal aliens with amnesty. It’s way worse than that. It is a cynical attempt to dress up the giveaway of billions of taxpayer dollars to lobbyists and assorted other special interests as “immigration reform.” Even those Americans who might support amnesty as the least bad way of dealing with 12 million, or so, illegal aliens living in the U.S., would be appalled at the taxpayer funded pork the bill serves up to lobbyists and advocacy groups.

The Gang of Eight bill is emblematic of what is wrong with Washington. It creates new opportunities for special interests to gorge themselves at the public trough, while doing nothing to rectify the fundamental flaw of current U.S. immigration policy – namely, the lack of any definable public interest objective. This bill has only one objective: to advance the political and economic objective of illegal aliens and the people who profit from them.

Ira Mehlman

Ira Mehlman is the Media Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.