Hugh Hewitt

Most of MSM remains in what can only be described as a stunned state, concussed by the rapid convergence of not one, or two but three huge scandals. The IRS revelations came after the first of the Benghazi blockbusters and before DOJ's hunting-and-gathering of journalists, but all three appeared suddenly out of the mist of endless talk-fests about gun control and immigration --real stories with new actors and obscure offices. Reporters couldn't pretend to do their jobs by calling up the second assistant to the third ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They actually have to read dense copy and translate bureaucratese, make trips to cities as far removed from the modern Versailles as Cincinnati and actually talk to tax lawyers.

The IRS story is huge. It is far greater than Tea Party activists, and embraces many, many religious groups and who knows who else. The attempt to muffle the sound of a crash is under Liebau's microscope as she traces who knew what when and who planted which questions, even as she painstakingly compares testimony of hearing one with hearing two. Johnson is working through the org chart, looking for names and GS levels, dialing up lawyers in the agency whose address has never been near the Buckeye State but who are knee deep in the muck.

Follow those by-lines. Give yourself a Google alert for both and watch the serious reporting and analysis pour into your mailbox. MSM is doing its best to mix Karl Rove into the mix, and blame Citizen United for what is an old fashioned "get your enemies" story, but new journalism doesn't depend on the kindness of Beltway editors.

The second term is just beginning, and every thread worth pulling will get its yank.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.