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As is a one-year hike in the eligibility age for Medicare or in the retirement age for Social Security. There are lots of markers, but the GOP has to put them down. Deep entitlement reform can and should wait for a new Congress with a new mandate, as should the debt limit negotiations. Massive changes shouldn't be imposed by lame duck legislators.

As Powerline’s John Hinderaker said on my show yesterday, no one knows what the GOP wants, and the uncertainty is crippling the Congressional caucus’ ability to declare any result to be other than a triumph for the president. In reality there is little damage done to losing the first inning or quarter of a long game (except on the defense front) but memories linger and momentum builds. Better to get out with a tie or at least with the president holding only a narrow lead.

So here’s hoping the GOP escapes the box canyon of its own design quickly. Give the president an increase in the top rate, and get some concessions in return, concessions that define the party and which can easily be communicated, even through the filter of the president’s palace guard, the MSM.

Defend defense. That is a great place to start the rebuilding. That, and with many more speeches like those given last night by 2016’s likely finalists. More on that subject over at

Hugh Hewitt

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