Hugh Hewitt

As we head into the final 120 hours of the campaign, the focus is, as it should be, on all of the president's miserable record, not just his catastrophic failure in Libya. Mitt Romney cleared his many hurdles and has established himself as a very good candidate and man, a competent, caring, intergity-filled throwback to the days when elected leaders brought records to the table not glossies. His surge has been powered by his undeniable skills set, and as voters survey the various messes at home or abroad, the appeal of a fresh start led by a man of action and decency increases and increases.

This is the real Mittmentum.

Against him and behind the president is arrayed an army of special interest and rent-seekers, folks with stakes in the continuation fo the status quo, no matter how awful it might be for the country as a whole. Folks who can say "I've got min eand you aren't taking it away." This is a large number, but some slice of them are patriots and deeply disappointed with their party and the gang that leads it in Chicago. Like the millions of teachers who hate their unions, there will be a new wave of "Romney Democrats," and they will surprise.

So as the estimable Hannity likes to say, "Let not your hearts be troubled." Things look and feel very, very good for Team Romney as we head into the stretch, and the massive --truly massive-- GOTV run by Team Romney and folks like Citizen Link and various other pro-Romney groups is uncoiling.

Watch the Romney rally at Denver's Fiddler's Green Saturday at 3. Like the massive rallies across Ohio this week, Romney-Ryan is generating enormous turnout and bursts of volunteer effort that resemble nothing so much as the president's long ago and faraway campaign of 2008. The hope for change is all on Mitt Romney's side.

I spent all of yesterday's show asking for first-time callers only to respond to the question: If you had to pick either Obama or Romney to oversee every aspect of the reconstruction of the post-Sandy northeast, which man would you choose?

Scores and scores of callers from across the regions of the country, including one flood victim in New Jersey, called in to state the obvious choice --Romney-- and for the obvious reasons: His record of fixing things and his experiences in accomplishing goals. One fellow, a memorable caller, Sebastian, called to insist it would be Obama, and he began by stating his record showed he got things done. I asked about the Gulf oil spill and his argument collapsed into memorable ahum-ahum-ahum.

That's the reality of this election: Obama's massive record of failure. The condensed version of why one votes for Romney and against Obama is here, the longer, footnoted version is here. Most people have internalized both. They know the president cannot do his job. They know it isn't working.

To quote Clint: "[W]hen somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go."

Mitt Romney is standing, stage right, ready to launch another "Fresh Start" era. We have done that before and it worked out pretty good.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.