Hugh Hewitt

Their pay is low and the jobs hard, and the president is threatening now even their medical care, but they serve on.

The fleet as a whole needs quick action or it will fall to an even smaller size, a provocative weakening in the face of the PRC’s naval build-up adn a diminishment of the country’s capacity to meet all of the many demands of global leadership it carries. The Navy is the backbone of American power, and the president is cavalier about it before the world. Incredible.

All of this and more --the fact that the SEALs got to bin Laden only because they had a huge and extremely competent fleet behind them extending their reach far forward of the bases from which they operate-- the president dismissed.

It was a shameful moment for the Commander-in-Chief, a low point made worse by the fact his Chicago gang thought it was a brilliant moment, didn’t even think how it would sound to the men and women the president leads, and not just in the Navy, but across the entire military.

Such were the actions of the concussed president, his glass jaw shattered and his campaign in ruins.

With ten days left in the campaign, a snarling, angry Obama can and probably will say anything. Mitt Romney will not go to that level and Mitt Romney won’t have to. Not only can winners be generous, Mitt Romney is the definition of large-hearted and generous, and the attacks will bounce off him.

But some of us would dearly love to hear one crowd somewhere chant “Glass. Jaw. O. Ba. Ma.”

For that is what the president has revealed, and the worst part is realizing that the country’s many enemies knew this about him long ago.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.