Hugh Hewitt

On Monday I wrote a column fro the Washington Examiner on how 2012 could be 1980 all over again. Last night Governor Romney hit many of the themes that powered Reagan's big win 32 years ago. Reagan had to break some china to get the nomination back then, but the party came together because of the overwhelming, urgent need to defeat Jimmy Carter and his politics of despair.

That urgent need has returned. This isn't 1992 and President Obama isn't Bill Clinton. The fork in the road is sharp, the consequences of the choice in November almost irreversible.

Which is why, whether disappointed or even angry, it is time for everyone who cares about defeating the president to get behind the governor.

There's plenty of time for criticism of his campaign and his rhetoric, for pushes and pulls and Monday morning QBs --I will certainly be taking a few snaps from under that center-- but one of two men will be president in January of next year.

Which one will you be supporting?

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.