Hugh Hewitt

But the nominee will be Mitt Romney barring some enormous calamity or collapse of the sort that has never happened this late in a primary campaign after all the vetting has been done.

So what is Romney to do? That's easy: Stay focused on the president and build, build build the campaign networks for the fall in the key states for the November campaign. The primaries have already forced Romney to assemble such networks in New Hampshire, Florida, Virginia, Michigan and Ohio, but with primaries looming in April in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Indiana, he will have to deploy resources there that are early but good investments in turning blue states in 2008 back to red in 2012.

The MSM isn't very good at reading exit polls (Rove never faltered in his call of Ohio for Romney last night because he knew where the votes were) and it isn't very good at seeing how winning campaigns are built from the ground up with real time data compiled from actual campaign operatives working flesh-and-blood voters.

But though Romney didn't carry the commentariat last night, he did win --again-- where he needed to and his campaign is enriched in Ohio and Virginia, as it has been in New Hampshire, Florida, Arizona and Michigan, with the data that drives November big turnout wins.

One last thought: Team Romney had better be training up the lawyers it will need to dispatch around the country next November, a vast army of good, tenacious lawyers. A margin as close in any key fall contest as those he won by in Ohio and Michigan will mean a lawyered-up recount everywhere, with all the resources of the DOJ deployed in a shamelessly partisan way against the counting of real votes.

Unless, of course, 21012 turns out to be a replay of 1980. If it's not close, they can't cheat.

Hugh Hewitt

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