Hugh Hewitt

They have lost that argument with the party's base, however, even as I, and folks like me, lost that argument in 2008 about John McCain. But having lost it once, we need to help refocus the campaign on the president's abysmal record at home and abroad if Romney in fact carries Ohio next week. Sure, if Rick Santorum can carry off a huge upset there, the GOP-BCS tightens again, but not by much. The Romney strongholds of New York, New Jersey and California loom, and Mitt would need to completely unravel to fumble the nomination.

That's not his style. Mistakes, yes, like Ford Field. But not repeated errors or devastating pratfalls. Romney, former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt once said on my radio program, is a learning machine. This is what I noticed when interviewing him in 2006 for my 2007 book on him. Not surprisingly for an extremely successful executive across different platforms --business, sports and government-- Romney profits from mistakes, doesn't shun their autopsies, and addresses the weaknesses they reveal. In this way the last two months have been very good for him, his campaign team, and the GOP's chances in November.

The real opponent, though, needs to come into view, and soon, and it isn't ourselves. "We have met the enemy...and he is us" was the old line from the very old cartoon strip Pogo. Thus it has been for the past eight months, and that would end with a Romney win in Ohio.

When and if it does, the entire GOP has to get back to talking every day about the president's failed policies, broken promises, and the incredibly dangerous prospect of a second Obama term, one in which the already imperious president becomes wholly unrestrained in his exercise of what he thinks to be his powers.

$5 a gallon gas? Think $10 a gallon, and hearing the president call it a prudent policy for the future of the planet.

Iran with nukes? Think a demand from the president on Israel to renounce its nukes as a first step towards stability in the Middle East.

8.3% unemployment? Think of new measures that capture "the new metrics of the new sustainable economy."

The stakes are too high to keep fighting the undercard again and again and again though the Chicago Gang and their allies in the MSM will want us to.

Mitt Romney's big wins last night have written the penultimate chapter in the GOP nomination process, and this week's GOP-BCS ratings are unlikely to change. Let's hope the anti-Romneys will change their view, however, if and when the last page gets written next week.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.