Hugh Hewitt

This failed Congress needs to close up shop and go home. They have become the unwelcome house guest, staying and staying and indifferent to every hint the host can give to clear out. They are the neighbor across the hall who thinks nothing of knocking with an inane request in the middle of the night. They are the guy in the next room at the hotel who left his television on but fell asleep so you can listen to Sports Center all night through while he sleeps.

This Congress needs to go away. That which it did, it shouldn’t have done. That which is didn’t do, it can no longer do well.

Clear out. Vamoose. Scram.

Go play in the street.

It is hard to remember any Congress for any reason, good or bad. It is an institution of immense power, but the consequences of that power have very short shelf spans when it comes to American memory. Try naming five House members from prior to 2000. Got that, did you? OK, try from prior to 1990. If you want to go farther, link a legislative accomplishment to each of the five.

Hard work that, and it isn’t going to change in the next three weeks. Once and a while a Congress will rouse itself to pass a crucial bit of lawmaking like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Reagan tax cuts, or to authorize FDR or George W. Bush to take the country into war. But that is not this Congress. This is simply the Congress that nearly bankrupted the United States and which set its health care system on the path to ruin. If its successor Congress does not remedy the ills done by this gang, this gang will go down in our books as the worst Congress since the Reconstruction Radicals ran the game.

We know this. Most of the Members of Congress know this, except wild-eyed Nancy Pelosi, still looking for the strawberries. But their swarming 10% --that mass of activists, MSNBC watchers and lefty blog writers that churns and churns and churns and on whom the American people threw a pail of water on November 2—isn’t melting away quietly. They are melting, but not completely, and very much not quietly.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.