Hugh Hewitt

So too do contributions to John Kasich's campaign for governor in Ohio Marco Rubio's Senate campaign in Florida, There are other such campaigns, but dollars sent to these three statewide races are also working to unseat Nancy Pelosi in very real ways.

Then there are a handful of campaigns where leftist special interests have gathered to prop up one of their key D.C. power brokers. The most obvious of these races is the desperate attempt by Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid to hang on to his Nevada Senate seat. All of the powers in the left-wing universe are rallying to Harry's side which is why a contribution to GOP nominee Sharron Angle is so appealing to a conservative activist. Angle has been savaged by the left, but has stood up to the fusillade and is leading Reid in the most recent polling. It is definitely a cause worth supporting via

So there are four key races to which your dollars can be directed with absolute certainty that they are being invested in freedom and behind committed conservatives. Please dig deep as this election represents a rare opportunity to roll back the left's long march into so many aspects of our government and our lives.

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Hugh Hewitt

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