Hugh Hewitt

Nancy Pelosi is fairly shrieking "Shut up!" at Gibbs as she sees campaign donors beginning to realize that they had better be on the ledger of the incoming majority's campaign supporters. MSNBC doesn't deliver the vote and can't pay for direct mail or ads. Motivated volunteers and energized bases do that. She has her union troops of course, but they didn't get card check, and they are worried, as is the entire country, about the roll out of Obamacare by the gang that can't even figure out where to try KSM after a year.

This is the presidency of over promise and under delivery, and nothing is worse than a politician who pretends to have accomplished a great deal when in fact he's delivered nothing of consequence and a mountain of debt. As President Obama darts around Michigan and other places of economic woes this week and throughout "Recovery Summer," he's carrying not just the burden of near 10% unemployment but also of dashed expectations combined with an inexplicable air of arrogance about his abilities.

It is a political nightmare, and Democrats from coast to coast think they are going to wake up in January back where they were in 1995, but this time with a GOP that won't blow its second chance.

Hugh Hewitt

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