Hugh Hewitt

And as Tom Cove of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has pointed out on my show, because every serious injury is a tragedy, the game's overseers are always looking for ways to improve the safety of the game while keeping it competitive and fun.

The people regulating the game, Cove added, have been doing so for years, carefully balancing risks and rules with the essential nature of the game, and they ought to be trusted to act in the best interests of the sport.

Legislators can be driven by good intentions to do bad things, and they can also be driven by politics to do attention-grabbing things.

They ought not to be encouraged to intervene on the basis of anecdote and rare cases of genuine serious injury.

They ought also to be very deferential to the people who play and love the game.

But they aren't and they won't be because politicians love headlines, and left-wing politicians love to have the government make laws about everything.

Hugh Hewitt

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