Hugh Hewitt

Voters are ready and eager to deliver a powerful rebuke to President Obama’s hard left lurch and the politics of hyper-partisanship practiced by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

If Republicans stay on message, they will sweep the elections of November 2, reclaim the House for fiscally responsible policies and rebalance the Senate so more left-wing jam downs are foreclosed.

The “If” is a big one, but the message isn’t hard to remember. The mnemonic device is the phrase ODDS of 2 to 1.

“O” is for Obamare, the slowly spreading killer legislative virus that Democrats jammed down the throats of America in the face of overwhelming opposition. The massive losses anticipated by corporate America were just the first waves of the Obamacare tsunami to crash into the lives of Americans. As premiums rise and coverage declines in quality, especially for seniors, GOP candidates have to remind voters that everything that is happening was predicted, but President Obama’s disdain for voters led him to ignore the results in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey. Republican candidates have to campaign not just against the terrible substance of Obamacare, but also the Chicago-style politics it represents.

“D” is for deficit –this year’s is going to come in at at least $1.4 trillion and could reach as high as $1.6 trillion, ten times the deficit of 2007, and powered not by a TARP or a “stimulus” plan but by give aways to all the favored constituencies of Congressional Democrats.

Michelle Malkin

“D” is for debt, as in the exploding federal debt which is approaching $14 trillion and rising at a wild rate because of the president and the Congress.

The combination of the deficit and the debt put the United States at risk of a fiscal stroke that will make the crisis in Greece seem like child’s play.

Hugh Hewitt

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