Hugh Hewitt

Scott Brown's victory speech summed up much of what is driving the political counter-revolution to the one attempted by the president and his allies. His supporters and the vast army of like minded voters across the U.S. do not want Obamacare not because they aren't compassionate but because they believe it will destroy American medicine, and not just for us and our children, but for the world that depends on its inventions and practitioners.

That same vast army is deeply troubled by the gigantic scale of spending underway, by the power grabs at GM and elsewhere, the populist rhetoric aimed at productive people and enterprises, and by the harsh rhetoric of the president and his team. They are troubled by the brass knuckled politics and the back room deals. They are angry at the contemptuousness with which the minority has been dealt and by the transparent cronyism of the special interest deals that are piling up atop one another.

Many millions of people are afraid that the Obama agenda is radical and profoundly destructive of the American economy, redistributionist and Alinskyite at its core, and to be opposed at every ballot box opportunity. They are angry, too, with AARP and the AMA, and thus new organizations are rising to fill the roles that those groups abandoned in the past year, such as and

Voters and activists are thus committed to preserving the center-right America that is capable of vast accomplishments and a great future. The vote in Massachusetts was in reality a vote for preserving a country that can afford to rush to Haiti's assistance while simultaneously checking evil around the world and unleashing the enormous productivity of free men and women.

That political movement, now fully awake and connected, will not accept a watered down version of Obamacare or a less abusive tax on banks or years of government-run automobile manufacturing. Democrats have just a little time to return their part to the center. Most Republicans are hoping they will, even if it takes some of the energy out of the movement that swept through Massachusetts this month.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.