Hugh Hewitt

The Hunter fantasy was preceded the night before by a Chris Matthews fantasy about watching Rush be blown up, ala a villain in a Bond movie. Nice work on that front as well, but that's just MSNBC. The network is not selling to the entire spectrum of America, but to its fringe left. The NFL on the other hand needs center-right conservatives to buy tickets, jerseys, and NFL television packages.

What percentage of Dallas Cowboy fans do you think are conservative? 60% 75? 90%.

Do you think owner Jerry Jones is happy with the Commish? How about every other NFL owner who ever hopes to get a public subsidy for the new stadium approved by voters down the road? Roger Goodell is entitled to be a fan of every hard left politician in America, and I wouldn't care if he did a good job as commissioner, but his lurch into the role of thought police was a terrible error, especially as it was completely divorced from any detailed statement of fact.

Now the NFL is in the swamp, and it will have to find its way out. You don't have to be a listener to Rush to see the hatchet job being done to him, to resent it, and to wonder what the next manifestation will be of the new McCarthyism. Indeed, fans of free speech generally should be as outraged as conservatives. I expect the children of Hollywood's long-ago blacklist victims to sign a petition and demand that the Commissioner renounce this sort of character assassination and workplace exclusion.

If Rush and his partners have the best bid for the most money, they should become the owners of the Rams --it is that simple.

But if he is blocked, I hope Rush sponsors a NASCAR car and the NFL owners watch it quickly become the most popular car every Sunday.

Hugh Hewitt

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