Hugh Hewitt

Much sooner than anyone had anticipated, the Congressional democrats forced upon their Republican counterparts a decisive action over the future of the Iraq war. Perhaps sensing the almost complete lack of energy in the GOP caucus in Senate and House, or perhaps because they feared that the president was simply not going to misread the losses of November as a repudiation of purposefulness in the war, Democrats got out their long knives and went after the president’s promise to send reinforcements and fresh leadership to Iraq.

Slow Joe Biden lept into action and, taking a break from commenting on Barak Obama’s unique status in American history, forced a cut-and-run non-binding resolution through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with Republican Chuck Hagel the only republican with him. Eager to demonstrate that the GOP could be easily divided on the question of victory in Iraq, John Warner threw together his own attention-getting demand for round heels in Republicans sizes. No dance of the resolutions is complete without a McCain-Graham edition, so that was forthcoming as well. Even Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had been expected to be a stalwart for victory, found himself issuing declarations of “last chances” and “six months,” which certainly do let the enemy know how long they have to plan their victory parade. “Next year in the Green Zone,” is now the rallying cry of the jihadists. The Senate, after all, has all but said so.

(The message to the Republican senators from 31,000+ regulars couldn’t have been more clear. Like the Washington Post’s William Arkin message to the troops, the GOP senators have a message for their base: “Sit down and shut up. Who asked you, anyway?”)

Hugh Hewitt

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