Hugh Hewitt

Andrew Sullivan may be the biggest wasted talent in all of the English speaking world. He once was a brilliant writer, and learned in many areas. His blog was at one point a must read. His "Virtually Normal" from a decade ago earned him enormous respect from readers of all political opinions, and his time as editor of The New Republic was among that magazine's finest runs.

Now Sullivan has a new book out, The Conservative Soul, and it is a mess. Skip the small but telling errors such as Sullivan's declaration that Thomas Jefferson was a Christian or that Disraeli urged universal suffrage on the Brits.

Overlook his asides that put Mohammed and Einstein on an equal with Christ and Socrates when it comes to a self-purging of bias or other similar sins.

Ignore the insult to the readers of zero footnotes in the book or even asides that might allow for context to inform Sullivan's quotes.

Skip over his disfiguring of Roman Catholic teaching in an attempt to leave him, and not the Magisterium, in charge of the Catechism.

Instead, on this the day after another judicial diktat as to marriage --this time in New Jersey--focus on Sullivan's particular, and the left's general, refusal to buy into the Constitution.

As a constitutional majoritarian, I am obliged to acknowledge that those laws passed by a state legislature and signed by a governor which do not conflict with the guarantees of the federal Constitution are in fact the law of the state from which they issue.

Thus any genuine conservative will have to agree that if a state legislature passes a law which a governor signs that proclaims marriage to be open to two people of the same sex, then same-sex marriage will have arrived, legitimately, in the land.

The day may come when such a law is passed and signed, and on that day --if no amendment to the U.S. Constitution has passed prohibiting such a law-- I will acknowledge that gay marriage is legitimate.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.