Howard Rich

For example, just last week Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency forced two of its employees to remove a YouTube video that was critical of the administration’s proposed energy tax hike – claiming that the video violated “agency policy.” Also, who can forget the White House targeting messages sent by a private health insurance company, Humana Inc., or setting up an “email hotline” which encouraged private citizens to turn in anyone who was caught criticizing Obama’s socialized medicine proposals.

Obama’s administration has also waged a non-stop war against FOX News, despite the fact that data from the Center for Media and Public Affairs rates the network as much more balanced in its reporting than any of its national counterparts.

More sinister than any of this, of course, is the underlying assault on free speech being advocated by some of Obama’s top appointments. For example, Federal Communications Commission “diversity czar” Mark Lloyd and the spokeswoman for current FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski both belonged to an organization that supports the regulation of talk radio and the Internet as a means of bringing about a “marked shift to the political left.” Former “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones – who was forced to resign his post earlier this year after his communist past was exposed – was also a board member of this radical organization.

In addition to such “pro-censorship” appointments, Obama has also signaled a willingness to look at a bailout of the struggling U.S. newspaper industry – one that would place this branch of the Fourth Estate squarely under the thumb of government influence.

The bottom line is that preaching American “openness” abroad – while failing to practice it at home – is yet another Obama hypocrisy.

Of course, in an ironic twist, the President’s message to the Chinese students about “free flowing information” was promptly scrubbed from China’s government-controlled Internet.

Let’s keep fighting to make sure nothing like that ever happens here in America.

Howard Rich

Howard Rich is the Chairman of Americans for Limited Government.