Horace Cooper

Posted February 15, 2006

The consensus view was wrong in 2002. It was wrong again in 2004. Without a dramatic shift in party policy or an equally dramatic shift in public sentiment, Democrats are in an uphill battle to attain their goals for the foreseeable future.

Posted February 02, 2006

The 58-42 vote for Judge Samuel Alito to be the 110 th Supreme Court Justice could very well culminate in a detrimental change in the role and operation of the Supreme Court.

Posted December 21, 2005

Just as all of Abraham Lincoln's actions must be viewed in the context of the Civil War, America is also today in the midst of a war – the “War on Terror.”  This war brings with it challenges that only the executive is fully capable of addressing.

Posted December 07, 2005

Judge Samuel Alito’s critics are once again relying on distortion and misrepresentation to malign his record. This time the focus is his record involving death penalty cases. 

Posted November 14, 2005

Rather than admit that they oppose him on ideological or philosophical grounds, special interest groups and liberal Democrats instead choose the low road.

Posted October 30, 2005

Redefining civil rights to include a license for criminality, unjustified racial animus and even misogynistic gangsta lyrics has taken the noble cause of civil rights equality down an unfortunate path that must be reversed. 

Posted October 18, 2005

Former President Harry Truman once said, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." Harriet Miers is finding there's a lot of truth to this axiom.

Posted October 12, 2005

Frankly one should be able to look at the differences between these two nominations and better understand why President Bush believes Harriet Miers is an excellent nominee who will bring a fresh, much-needed perspective to the bench while affirming conservative ideals. 

Posted October 05, 2005

President Bush is in the midst of dealing with something that his critics have longed for throughout his presidency:  a potential crackup of his Republican base.

Posted September 30, 2005

The differences between what happened in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and Rita are night and day.

Posted July 12, 2005