Horace Cooper

Senior Democrats and their enablers in the mainstream media have all but pronounced a victory for Democrats in the House and the Senate this November. Grandma Pelosi and real estate wheeler dealer Harry Reid are being encouraged to pick out their new suites and even to opine on the merits of their heretofore unannounced legislative agenda. But before the applause for the Fat Lady’s appearance can occur, consider that all is not as it would appear.

It is true that the New York Times and CNN almost daily helpfully remind America that fainthearted Republicans lie awake at night riveted by fear of what life will be like after having lost the House and the Senate. In a show of what they think passes for balance the MSM sometimes include interviews with “stouthearted” Republicans who allow that “although the House is gone, the Senate is still in play.” And it’s no surprise then that much of elite Washington has accepted the premise that a Republican loss is a fait accompli.

But if elections were simply the culmination of the consensus of the MSM punditocracy, then such pronouncements might be useful and even encouraged. To the chagrin of many on the left however, elections are not decided by a consensus of media pundits and Washington powerbrokers. In the US, elections are decided by the choices of the American people. And unfortunately for Democrats, the choices the American people make have been consistently different from those of the mainstream media and liberals in general, and it’s very likely that they will be yet again this November.

A careful look at congressional and senate races reveal an awfully large number of close races in districts that should be reliably Republican. Pundits point to these close races as the primary evidence of the coming electoral tide. But most of these close races will end up staying in the hands of the Republican Party.

There’s a reason why the Democrats will be unable to close the deal with the American electorate in most of these races. Proving their motto that “Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” the party is going forward with an agenda out of sync with the interests and needs of the voting electorate.

Horace Cooper

Horace Cooper is a legal commentator and a Senior Fellow with the Institute for Liberty.