Herb London

It should also be noted that most Americans between the ages of 25 and 45 change jobs multiple times indicating that there are several opportunities to find employment satisfaction. In a society that has made the transition from an industrial base to an information structured economy, those who obtain skills can dictate to the employment market. This may be the first time in history that labor influences management more than the reverse.

These largely undisclosed, or should I say non-publicized, accounts are part of a consistent media view. In the 1960’s it was argued, due in part to Paul Erhich’s book The Population Bomb, that the world’s population would double in every subsequent decade. Of course, that hasn’t happened, but the recantation hasn’t either. It was argued four years ago that several islands in the Pacific would have to be evacuated because the ocean would rise due to global warming. But the devastation of these atolls has not occurred and the media organs responsible for the initial accounts are silent.

The drum of beat of negativism is unrelenting. There may be some good news stories on t.v. and in newspapers, but it is simply hard to find them. I wonder what kind of effect s steady diet of negative news has on the public. No, I need not wonder; I see it in the mind set of nihilists who preach despair and the end of the American experiment.

Herb London

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