Herb London

The islands are asleep. Yet even in paradise, danger lurks. It is not the danger of terrorism about which there is scarcely a word uttered, it is the potential for volcanic eruption. Below the surface, below the tranquility, there is explosive activity. In a way, this is a metaphor for the nation. One sleeps at his own risk.

Rousing America from this state of affairs is, to some degree, the responsibility of government. On this matter, the government has failed. The nation is unprepared for battle.

The tourists come to paradise to frolic. War is the furthest thing from their mind. I pray they will not have to fight. I pray that life remains a bowl of cherries. I pray, as well, that the real God is in his heaven and all is right with the world.

But what if my prayers aren’t realized? What if paradise is an illusion? What if the jihadists seek to bring bloodshed to our shores again making it clear that our insouciance is their advantage?

The Hawaiian sun shines each and every day. Ra speaks to tourists. There does not appear to be an end to the relaxation regimen until, of course, that day of dread emerges. Prayer helps; in the end, an ability to fight is even more important. I only hope that spirit can be summoned when and if the time to defend our nation comes.

Herb London

Herbert London is president of the London Center for Policy Research and author of several bestselling books including co-author of “The Sunni Vanguard” and “The BDS War Against Israel.” You can read all of Herb London’s commentaries at www.londoncenter.org. Follow him on Twitter @TheLCPR.