Henry Edmondson

Posted July 21, 2007

A number of my relatives, you see, are public school teachers and I look forward to these family gatherings to catch up on what kind of nonsense is going on at the street level of public education.

Posted April 02, 2007

In Washington, preparations are in progress for the re-authorization of the No Child Left Behind Act. For those who weren't aware that the underclass suffers the most in American public education, the NCLB has laid bare the troubling gaps in student achievement among racial and socioeconomic groups.

Posted February 28, 2007

As kids we used to play "52 Card Pick-Up." It starts by asking an unsuspecting friend, "Do you want to play 52 Card Pickup?!" "Well, I’ve never played before, but sure," he says.

Posted January 24, 2007

During a visit throughout the cities and countryside, and after conversations with university specialists and Tuscan housewives, I’ve been inclined to make comparisons over education.

Posted December 19, 2006

This October, the population of the U.S. reached 300 million. Even more, it’s estimated we will top 400 million by the middle of the century. The reaction this benchmark has not been as hysterical as some expected, though there has been hand-wringing over...

Posted December 11, 2006

One of the many useful and important studies issued in recent years by the Fordham Institute is Cheri Yeke's monograph, Mayhem in the Middle: How Middle School's Have Failed America and How to Make Them Work.

Posted November 27, 2006

Not only is it useful but fashionable as well. The Washington Post reports that commas have made a comeback! This is, without a doubt, a welcome fashion statement as well dressed paragraphs have been hard to find.

Posted November 14, 2006

To what extent, and in what manner, did the 2006 mid-term elections affect education policy and practice in this country? The answer to that question lies in part with the answer to another question, namely, is education policy still largely local or has it been nationalized?

Posted November 01, 2006

A report, issued by the non-partisan “Education Schools Project,” alleges that most education schools are engaged in a "pursuit of irrelevance," with curricula in disarray and faculty disconnected from classrooms and colleagues.