However, it is not just the undocumented that Obama is focusing on. In hopes to strengthen his political agenda in the eyes of the public, Obama is also targeting freedom of speech both inside and outside the halls of legislature. Outside, he has begun attacks against conservative hosts from Glenn Beck to your local AM Radio Host. Obama's blueprint includes attempting to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine, a step which has been led by Obama’s "Diversity Czar" Mark Lloyd. Within the legislature, nobody is any safer. Legislators’ communication to the public has been halted and at times forcibly rewritten before sending by the current administration. In 2009 Congressman John Carter of Texas was told replace the phrase “Governmental run healthcare” with “public option”. While, as the authors state, re-election statements such as “Vote for Me” are uninvolved in the text of these citizen-paid mailings, re-wording objectives in this way shows Obama's attempt to control information given to the public by their own legislators.

Blackwell and Klukowski show how Obama has used his executive power to expand the extent, reach and consistency of the office of the President. This is what makes him dangerous. Obama undertakes actions such as pressuring the nation's legislators for a new climate deal in order to merely score political points on the international scene. His abuse of the office is heretofore unprecedented.

This book is needed for any Republican, independent, tea partier or even undeclared citizen who wants to know exactly what they are up against and who needs to be removed in 2012. Armed with examples, quotes and footnotes,

The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency should make its way to number one on your political reading list.

Heather Bachman

Heather Bachman is Director of New Public Policy for Frontiers of Freedom.