With less than a thousand days of his presidency remaining, Barack Obama’s strategy to alter the nation is a consistently debated subject. One question that has been raised by many Americans since waking to the acts of the current Administration is “what’s next?” Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski answer this question and more in their new book The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency.

While Klukowski gives the legal perspective of Obama’s Agenda via his experience as legal analyst and Supreme Court watcher, Blackwell gives the more political view with his background as an elected official, having held positions such as being a former State Secretary of State and Treasurer of Ohio and Mayor of Cincinnati. With both carrying experience as contributors to many political media such as The Wall Street Journal, Foxnews.com and the American Spectator, the text reads at times like a large informational column.

The book begins with a history lesson showing that we as a nation were warned by the then-candidate Barack Obama of his detrimental plans for America. His record as the most liberal Senator showed he was in no way the post-partisan and post- radical president he promised to be. In fact, the “Change” promise would have been more honest if coming from his opponent, Senator John McCain.

The book presents Obama’s dangerous checklist; detailing and describing what is at risk, how Obama and his followers plan to damage it and why. For example, despite much international appeasement, the real domestic danger comes from Obama's plan to keep his power. His agenda is focused on the vote of undocumented workers.

Heather Bachman

Heather Bachman is Director of New Public Policy for Frontiers of Freedom.