Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Christians cannot allow government to replace God. Christians cannot create a humanistic form of social justice which ignores God’s moral laws. (Please view my video “4 Reasons I Cannot Vote for Barack Obama” for a more detailed biblically based snap shot of where we are spiritually - http://www.thetruthinblackandwhite.com/Media_Library/). Neither can we rationalize away our responsibilities by talking about “civil marriage vs biblical marriage”. Staying at home or voting for Barack Obama makes minority Christians accomplices to the president’s moral agenda.

Will we ever have another black president? Have faith friends! More than a brown skinned messiah, we need to pray for a true social deliverer with a biblically compatible outlook who truly understands the nuances of the African-American and Hispanic challenges in our nation. In the scriptures, Abraham tried to rush Jehovah’s plan by having a child (Ishmael) by Sarah’s maid. Despite the fact that the child’s name means “God will listen”- He did not. Although the child was blessed in measure, he never received the full favor of God (Gen17:18). He was born of the right father (Abraham) but did not have correct prophetic lineage (Sarah). Similarly, the first black president was not truly born of prophetic lineage of black community - sharing its morality and biblical faithfulness.

Last May, when the president announced his evolution towards advocacy of same-sex marriage, he crossed “a bridge too far” for many devoted black Christians. Instead of acknowledging that we have made a mistake, many Americans of all races decided to ignore the glaring worldview gap between them and the president. In fact, disappointed people in the black community have been barraged with the following reasons to vote for a second term for President Obama:

1.) You can’t let a brother fail (The fact is - he has failed us).

2.) I will not vote for a Mormon (My view my very short video entitled 4 Reasons Why I will Vote For Mitt Romney - http://www.thetruthinblackandwhite.com/Media_Library/).

3.) If he fails, whites will think that we all are incompetent (Having executed one of the most flawless election campaigns in American history, incompetence is not his primary problem. His ideological agenda is our challenge).

4.) He cannot cater to blacks because he is president of the entire nation (Yet he finds time to champion gay marriage and a job-losing green agenda).

5.) He really does not believe what he said about gay marriage (Yet he was in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years whose denomination ordained homosexual ministers and conducted same-sex commitment services).

6.) The nation is still very much against him because of race (Anti-Obama racism exists but will not determine his political future. The fact is that an overwhelming majority of his supporters are white)

We must vote Grace Not Race in 2012! Vote God - Vote Vertical!

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Bishop Harry Jackson is chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition and senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, MD, and co-authored, Personal Faith, Public Policy [FrontLine; March 2008] with Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.