Hank Adler

Posted November 04, 2013

There appears to be no fallback plan. What if the Obamacare computers do not work on November 30th? What if the health insurance companies cannot process what could easily be fifty million requests for insurance by December 30, 2013?

Posted October 28, 2013

If it is a big mistake and everyone makes big mistakes, before making a public comment, the first step is always to make a complete assessment of the problem. That assessment has to determine both the why, the solution and the time required to achieve a solution.

Posted October 12, 2013

Nancy Pelosi made her most famous (infamous) quote immediately before Congress voted on Obamacare...

Posted September 13, 2013

It cannot be lost on anyone that the Affordable Healthcare Act is resulting in business and personal decisions not desired by either the authors of the legislation or those who voted for its passage.

Posted December 09, 2008

Several big city mayors and a few governors have been and will be visiting Washington DC to try to get bailout help for their cities and states.

Posted October 27, 2008

How would we have reacted to a presidential candidate that made the following commitments last spring?

Posted October 24, 2008

Senator Obama’s tax returns are pretty interesting. In comparing his 2007 tax return to previous years, other than a very significant increase in income, the major change is that Senator Obama has found a pretty good tax planner.

Posted October 13, 2008

I know you are terrified that Wednesday night’s debate will be a repeat of last week’s debate which allowed the candidates to simply respond with talking points.

Posted September 15, 2008

To the New York Times writers scurrying around Alaska looking for someone to say something bad about Sarah Palin, it must be pretty horrifying stuff to think of a first term reform governor deciding to veto millions of dollars of legislative projects.

Posted September 12, 2008

If it were not so important, we should be able to laugh at the tax returns and U.S. Senate disclosure forms of Senators Obama and Biden.

Posted September 01, 2008

While this relatively inexperienced Vice-Presidential candidate aspires to be a heart beat away from the presidency, this equally inexperienced Senator from Illinois wants to be that heart beat.

Posted February 04, 2008

The Berkeley California City Council has stated that the U.S. Marines recruiting center is not welcome in the city “due to their discriminatory policy against gays and lesbians in the military”.

Posted January 23, 2008

Under the FairTax, those individuals who have saved money during their lives would be faced with double taxation.

Posted December 06, 2007

In response to my lengthy paper regarding H.R. 25, the “Fairtax”, Mr. Neal Boortz published a response responding to a few of the issues discussed in my paper.

Posted November 22, 2007

This presentation is intended to review and raise issues with respect to Federal legislative proposal H.R. 25 (109th): Fair Tax Act of 2007, the “Fair Tax”.

Posted September 13, 2007

For the second consecutive year, the California State Senate has passed a measure (SB 37), solely upon party lines, with Democrats voting yes, requiring California electoral delegates to cast their presidential votes for the national popular vote winner rather than for the presidential candidate who is victorious in California.