Hank  Adler

U.S. Representative: We are masters on this. First, your Secretary of State must express outrage and indicate that you are one hundred percent committed to a full and completely transparent investigation. At that point, the Secretary of State must disappear from the conversation and your Justice Department equivalents must take control. If at all possible, your guy should get control of the airplane's black boxes and all other meaningful evidence. Your Justice leader should than go into the four corner offense.

Russian: Four corner offense?

U.S. Representative: An American expression. That means your guy must continue to tell everyone there is an on-going investigation and he cannot talk about an on-going investigation. If the United Nations or some equivalent begins demanding the information that you want to be unavailable, your President should respond by saying that the investigation has turned political, there is no evidence of any conspiracy and everyone needs to let the investigation take place. Based on our experience, that should buy you at least half a decade and at some point, almost everyone will lose interest.

Russian: Brilliant. And you mentioned a diversion.

U.S. Representative: You have to be careful here as you don't want your diversion to put more pressure on your President than the current problem. We have not been so good at that. Given what we are going through, I would suggest not focusing on your borders, healthcare or your tax service. You can pick something; my suggestion would be maybe some fracas with North Korea. They are scared to death of you and you can control the outcome.

Russian: Wow, you are the best! Talk to you soon.

U.S. Representative: My friend, remember, you must be totally offended if your motives are challenged for having a complete investigation finished before you talk about this issue. Anyone who wants to force the subject is only doing it for political reasons.

Hank Adler

Hank Adler is an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

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