Hank  Adler

The President and Congressional leadership should be proposing and passing specific and precise non-partisan legislation that will allow and require ICE to hold convicted murderers, kidnappers and rapists in prison without sparking a discussion of anything to do with immigration policy.

HR 2251 made its way through Congress and was signed by the President in December. HR 2251 named a courthouse and federal building in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, as the "Edward J. Devitt United States Courthouse and Federal Building". With all due respect to the late Edward J. Devitt, a former one term Congressman and Federal judge who died in 1992, if Congress can find time to honor Mr. Devitt, our elected Congress and the President should be able to find equal time to keep convicted murderers, kidnappers and rapists off our streets.

Hank Adler

Hank Adler is an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

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