Hank  Adler

· Individuals who no longer have health insurance because of the new higher health insurance premiums will have uninsured medical events. Some unfortunate individuals will initially be denied care or will delay care until their illnesses are beyond treatment. Some unfortunate individuals will be going through foreclosure of their residences because of unpaid medical costs.

· Individuals who have bronze plans under Obamacare will not have sufficient funds to seek treatment because of $5000 individual or much greater family deductibles.

· Previously free health clinics will close as the result of reduced individual contributions from contributors who believe Obamacare made these donor supported health clinics unnecessary.

· Individuals and families will find that existing superior doctors and hospitals will not be included in their Obamacare related health plans.

· Many businesses will be forced to either abandon their healthcare plans, trim hours to under thirty or dramatically increase the employees' share of healthcare costs through higher co-pays, higher cash participation monthly or higher deductibles as these businesses renew their insurance contracts.

These public interest stories will be impossible for the main street media to ignore.

As to Harry Reid, the Senate's forthcoming confirmation of judges that previously would not have been offered up for confirmation because of the filibuster rules is a God-send for Republicans running for the United States Senate. These new judges and their philosophies will not be defendable in many Senate races.

Finally, the decision to postpone the enrollment periods for Obamacare in 2014 is also a God-send to Republicans. No matter how bad the actual increases will be, they will be less than the projected increases estimated by Republican candidates. What will Democrats say in response to a Republican estimate of a 60 percent increase? "Gosh that is not true, I estimate the increase will only be 40 percent!"

This will all be water torture for Democrats during 2014, a year of congressional elections.

The upcoming personal tragedies that will be the result of Obamacare are emblematic of a Democratic Party choosing to pursue legislation through a process which ignored the very thought of transparency or an honest discussion of whether the promises made would ultimately match up with realistically expected results. The inability to have deferred the Obamacare nightmare until it was too late to fix is also sadly emblematic of an incompetent president and a disoriented/incompetent administration. The voters will not be placated by hyperbole or a silly blame game strategy. There will have been far too many tragic stories covered in the media long before the November elections.

But, beware the 'three headed' candidate offsetting all of the serious issues of competency on the Democratic side.

Hank Adler

Hank Adler is an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

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